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River Ridge Land & Cattle Co., LLC

About Us

River Ridge Land & Cattle Company is a 1,250 acre naturally raised cattle farm settled on the banks of the New River in SW Virginia. Our cattle are grass finished and are not injected with growth hormones or antibotics. Our mission is to deliver local sustainable products to consumers and to support local economies through a co-op of area beef producers. River Ridge is a producer for Grayson Natural Foods in Independence, Va.(
River Ridge has also established River Ridge Outfitters to highlight the hunting, fishing & camping opportunities in the Appalachain Mountains.

Wholesale Products Offered


Why We're the Farm for You

The benefits of locally and naturally raised foods have gain worldwide recognition. Not only are you doing a good thing for your body and supporting local economies, but the taste is superior to mass produced products. Given the choice, customers prefer a healthy alternative, that makes you feel good inside and out.

Contact Information

3352 Battlefield Dr.
Independence, Virginia
(276) 773-2191

Who We'd Like to Sell To

  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools or Colleges
  • Hospitals or Other Foodservice
  • Restaurants

Practices Followed

Appalachiangrown Certified Naturally Grown, Pasture Raised


We deliver to the following distribution areas:
depends on the order amount



Food Guide Listing

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